As a result of the pandemic that has gripped the country since February and the issues that this has created in the sport of pulling, the decision has been made to suspend the Big Rigs Series for 2020.   While there still could be some limited ‘invitational’ events as was attempted at Bunker Hill at the end of June there are no Big Rigs Series point events now scheduled for 2020.

There is a very limited pool of trucks available to Full Pull Productions due to the current pandemic ongoing in our country and this creates a situation where the quality of a Big Rigs Series event would be seriously diminished for our clients and for our fans.  Our goal is to come back in 2021 with our normal schedule of high-quality Big Rigs pulling events that fans have come to expect and enjoy and that our clients will feel comfortable in scheduling. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to pulling the Big Rigs in 2021.

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