Jerry Hairhoger from New Galilee, Pennsylvania is the 2018 champion with the world famous Big Rigs Pulling Series with his Kenworth named “Jerry Atricks”.  This gives the seasoned driver from Lawrence County ‘Back To Back’ championships in the modified semi truck division.

Hairhoger put the finishing touches on his crown with a very strong win at the Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania at the end of September with a mighty tug of over 320 feet.

“Jerry Atricks” is a 1973 Kenworth that is fitted with an extremely powerful turbo charged  C-15 CAT engine.  The engine was built at Jerre Martin’s diesel shop in Lititz, Pennsylvania and was tuned by Hairhoger’s son, Jerry Ray Hairhoger in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

The team has come up through the ranks having won the PA POSSE crown before moving up to the Big Rigs three years ago.

Hairhoger is also a race car owner and driver.  He competes on the dirt tracks of the area with two stock cars.  In fact at Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, PA Jerry competed with his Big Rig in May and will finish his season in October in his race cars.

Second place went to Jon Rees of Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania with his restored antique Diamond T withCummins power named “Diamond in the Rough”.  This was Rees’ best finish ever with the Big Rigs and he made every one of the 14 series hooks this season.

The Big Rigs Pulling Series is the oldest modified semi truck division in the United States and was originated in 1991 by Full Pull Productions. 


The series is sponsored by Cen.Pe.Co. Lubricants and Fuel additives from the Central Petroleum Company of Wolcott, Iowa and Cleveland, Ohio and by MAC Trailer of Beloit, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio.  The series is sanctioned by USA-EAST Sled Pulling a division of Full Pull Productions of Jamestown, Pennsylvania.



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