Joe Giulitto and “Sneeky Pete” showed the way again this week at the Trumbull County Fair in Cortland, Ohio. The gleaming yellow Peterbilt from Ravenna, Ohio with a very stout C-15 CAT under the hood was much the best on Saturday night in the Big Rigs Series event featuring seven of the ultra-powerful modified semi trucks.

Click here for the video taken by Pat Bennett:

Second went to young Spencer Snyder and “Mr. Nasty” from New Springfield, Ohio making its first appearance on the track in 2018. This former Big Rigs Series champion Pete is powered by a QXK-19 Cummins.

The reigning champion in the Big Rigs Series was third as Jerry Hairhoger from New Galilee, PA pushed his 1973 Kenworth with CAT power to a stellar run. Fred Sanders with “Rood Awakening Revisited” was 4th and Rusty Bagley put his KW named “Twisted Kitty” into the number five spot.

E:\FPP.2018\2018.PHOTOS\twistedkitty18bv.jpgRounding out the field of seven was Jon Rees from Snowshoe, PA with the 1966 Diamond Tee called “Diamond in the Rough” and Jeff Lautenan from Jefferson, Ohio with his Cat/Pete machine named “Moody Blue”.

The Big Rigs Series is the oldest modified semi truck series in North America and is sponsored by Cen.Pe.Co. Lubricants and by MAC Trailer.

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